Case Study 1 – Damage/Asbestos Resolution


When making a delivery of building materials to a domestic property, a hydraulic support leg from a heavy goods vehicle punctured the tarmac highway located to the side of the third party's property. We understand that a spreader plate was not used and that the point load exerted on to the tarmac by the support leg led to this failure.


The removal of the stabilising support allowed the vehicle to keel, at which point either the vehicle or its hydraulic lift impacted the facing wall of the block built shed, also causing damage to the adjacent fencing.



Basis of Appointment:

Our client had originally appointed an alternative supplier, resulting in a repair quotation of £1,444.91(net). The property was council owned however and our client had become embroiled in a disagreement with the local council over responsibility for removal and repair of the asbestos cement board roof which covered the shed; the clients existing supplier had been unable to assist with resolution of this aspect.


The Building Repair Network Limited were appointed to assess the accuracy of the existing supplier’s costs and repair options but to additionally assess the condition of the asbestos roofing sheets and to advise on liability for the cost of removal.



Upon inspection, our surveyor identified that the damaged highway was unlit, devoid of drainage and had no public footpath. Knowing that repairs to public highways require a license under Section 171 of The Highways Act 1980 and that repair had to be completed in line with the Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in the Highway prescribed in the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, the surveyor recognised that this highway may not be adopted and that if this were the case, repairs may be completed at substantially lower costs.


Subsequent discussions determined that the road was in fact unadopted.


In respect of the asbestos roof covering, our Surveyor identified that the damage to the roof pre-dated the accident, something that we were able to evidence by showing that the broken edges were not only weathered but also marked from prior painting of the damaged elevation. Internal damage and weather related deterioration also supported this theory.


Our Surveyor duly reported his findings on this aspect and additionally advised the client that in his opinion, the localised rebuilding of the damage wall could be completed without removal or disposal of the asbestos cement roof panels, referencing the applicable section of The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 in support of this conclusion.



Upon receipt of our surveyors report the council conceded that it would not be necessary to remove the asbestos cement roof sheets and resolved not to pursue this aspect further.


Having established that the damaged highway was un-adopted and therefore not a council concern, it was also agreed that a minimal patch repair would be completed without the need for compliance with statutory highway regulations.


With the client’s authorisation, The Building Repair Network appointed one of its approved contractors to proceed with the repairs, the repairs being completed to the satisfaction of all parties with two weeks of authorisation.



Client benefit:

In addition to satisfactory completion of repairs for all key stakeholders; the original suppliers repair quotation was provided in the sum of £1,444.91 (net), however by eliminating unnecessary repair costs and by close network management, repairs were completed in the sum of £729.26 (net).


Whilst a saving of £715.65 (net) was made on the base repair costs, the involvement of The Building Repair Network also negated the need to consider asbestos removal and roof repair costs estimated to be in the region of £1,000 (net).


Overall Saving to client - £1,715.65 (net)

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